Vladimir Ribakov’s SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Software Review-DON’T BUY THIS!!!

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WARNING!! Don’t Buy SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Software By Vladimir Ribakov’s until not READING MY SRS Trend Rider 2.0 HONEST REVIEW. Here, we analyze SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Working or NOT?


Product Name: SRS Trent Rider 2.0

Author Name: Vladimir

Official Website:Click Here

Vladimir SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Review

The current hottest Forex robot in the market right now is called SRS Trend Rider 2.0, which is released around Nov 2011. Since the launch, this product has been selling like hot cakes (you can verify this on Clickbank marketplace, this product is currently the highest gravity product in its category).

This Forex trading robot, FAP Turbo, is an excellent Forex automatic trading system which is easy to install and run. Installing FAP Turbo is as simple as ever, after downloading it, you just need to simply follow the wizard installations which will guide you in the process of installing this robot on the trading platform of your chosen Forex broker. Vladimirs SRs Trend Rider Free Download

The one special thing about this Forex automatic trading system is that it will help you make profitable trades with as little as $250 or even less. We have tested it out with a capital of $250 and the robot managed to pick out 19 winning trades and made a profit of nearly $2700 USD in clear profit within a short period of 8 weeks only! One thing is for sure, this system really works and more than doubles your money within one month. Vladimirs SRs Trend Rider Tips

The system make use of a proven expert advisor by the author itself, whereby the author has fine-tuned and tweaked the system to choose the best available time to trade profitably and avoid the period to trade, all on auto pilot basis. Now, you would wonder why and how this robot can trade in auto pilot mode. The core and important feature of this FAP Turbo is that you can make use of a VPS (called Virtual Private Server) and this is what makes this robot so powerful. To be able to run a Forex robot in auto pilot mode, you need to leave your computer on (so that the robot is able to operate and makes trades for you 24 hrs. every day). But with a VPS (Virtual Private Server), which there is a recommendation included in FAP turbo itself. Vladimirs SRs Trend Rider Software

What are the Technique used in Vladimir SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Software?

Well, now we understand the most significant aspects of Currency Forex Robotic; it is a mainly grid hedge trading robot, functioning 24/5, uses the M30 timeframe and the pairs additionally working yet not officially supported are AUDJPY, GBPJPY, CHFJPY and EURJPY. We see plenty of trading pairs here, is it possible? Vladimirs SRs Trend Rider Review

The started guide is a somewhat not much information but their member area does absolutely fill this gap. I see a lot of stuff in there included extra downloads, extra tutorials and updated set files frequently as they promise. In addition, as you’ll see, they provide 4 extra daily trading signals on the EA official website. I don’t use the forecasting signals so cannot have any comments about the signals.

More couple of realities relating to this EA should be known, I will attempt to list them immediately. It is most likely not an excellent theory to manually configure each pair SL and TP although you can. The EA gets its set ups upgraded from the set files after authorized gain access to configuring each pair preset values; each setting has its own stop loss and take profit so I cannot list all in here. Just an example, the stop loss ranges from 180 pips on EURUSD and GBPUSD to as high as 300 on, and so on. The stop loss is rarely reached, though – by deeper analyzing the backrests. It’s additionally an ability to choose gains early prior to the choose take profit target is hit by its positions. I am quite happy with the way it open extra positions when the market move in not favorable direction. Some secret ways in here that I cannot understand that lower the drawdown (and risk) when the robot scales in to positions.

The strategy itself is pretty complicated that you have to be careful to read their instructions or using set files on official site only; a few signs which are provided with Metatrader are affected in an ingenious approach, so the entry signals are identified. It’s retry iterations for opening/closing orders, signifying a particular amount of expertise with automatic trading in live. Instead the DLL programming is sometimes a hurdle for EAs working on multiple pairs with the identical DLL, in this situation it appears to be entirely thread safe. Vladimirs SRs Trend Rider Robot Review

When working on the recommended ring basket pairs as following the VIP area guide, the average of SRS Trend Rider 2.0 is about 3.5 trades per day and almost 5 trades per day when working on 9 pairs, so it certifies as a fairly frequent trading EA. There is no GMT setting as it trades around the clock, so it is not to fret about in this instance. It could be acceptable with the NFA policies when you start trading with one currency pairs only. However, I am not sure about its FIFO capability when you run it on multiple pairs because the EA hedging trading style. You should contact with the owner if you are trading with NFA policies.




What are the Features you will find in SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Software?

  • The software is completely free of charge SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Review
  • The software is fully automated SRS Trend Rider 2.0 PDF
  • Daily earnings: Over $6,500 per day on average. SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Guide
  • The system is available as a desktop and browser-based software SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Free
  • The system is very easy to use SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Download
  • No investment SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Software Review
  • No skills required SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Software Download
  • It gives you the ability to trade currencies and stocks SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Tips
  • 93% accuracy rate!! SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Result
  • Multiple trading signals updated each day for maximum profit SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Login
  • 24 hour access to the trading signals and software SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Access





  • SRS Trend Rider 2.0 was developed by Vladimir Ribakov and team of professional traders, software engineers and statistician with over 30 years’ cumulative experience in forex trading and creating forex trading strategies. SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Result
  • SRS Trend Rider 2.0 eliminates almost the risk that retail traders (home-based computer traders) are struggling: latency risk, slippage risk, re-quote risk and broker intervention risk.
  • Considering that SRS Trend Rider 2.0 is a software application, it behaves in a way that’s 100 % target at all times. SRS Trend Rider 2.0 isn’t carried by emotions or other negative aspects and scenarios, assessing and carrying out each potentially money-making market stage entered in its logic programming with 100 % correctness and discipline. SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Scam
  • SRS Trend Rider 2.0 has an inbuilt automatic risk-computing algorithm that immediately establishes trading quantities on the basis of account risk part per particular trade. Also, there’s an option to activate an exceptional algorithm to economically compensate any existing draw down.
  • SRS Trend Rider 2.0 develops and upgrades the robot in a 100 % effective way, never ever departing from its programmed trading logic: there is no such things of set and forget and one-for-all kind of thing that can provide long term trading profit. SRS Trend Rider 2.0 does works
  • SRS Trend Rider 2.0 was built by a team of professional traders, software engineers and statistician, each of whom has really supplied the finest of their expertise, ability, and experience in developing this great forex SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Robot Free download
  • SRS Trend Rider 2.0 opens positions against day to day market movement just where such triggers have a high chance of success and by keeping to a trading approach which has really verified itself for many years with use by many of skilled traders. SRS Trend Rider 2.0 system Reviews
  • As any expert advisor, SRS Trend Rider 2.0 guarantees each position through Stop Loss orders, making it tough to lose an account in a particular trade, as takes place to many traders who fail to establish Stop Loss. SRS Trend Rider 2.0 Program Review
  • Perhaps the biggest mistake many traders make would be to add more lot size on losing positions in the hope the market will turn. This, the important reason behind losing entire account of so many martingale trading systems and other grid trading systems. As SRS Trend Rider 2.0 comprehend this all too well, you would never been in this situation.



  • The software requires a stable internet in 24-hour working order and official settings have quite long time span of holding position, 1-2 days. Vladimirs SRs Trend Rider 2.0 Review
  • SRS Trend Rider 2.0 is not an easy application to manual changing setting at the beginning. For SRS Trend Rider 2.0 beginners, the EA requires strictly work within its set rules. Through the training course within member area, you will be studied the Robot as well as Forex Market to unlock the true power of SRS Trend Rider 2.0 day after day. Vladimirs SRs Trend Rider 2.0 download


All in all SRS Trend Rider 2.0 is an excellent EA that can execute profitable trades. It comes with a number of amazing features like the fact that it is 100% automated and it trades 24/5, on up to three live accounts. It will allow even an amateur to earn good profits from forex trading without taking up any of their time. However, like forex trading goes, and like it is any other business really, one needs to be cautious when trading and should be prepared to take some losses. 


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