4 Simple Methods that Helps to calm anxiety Easily!

This can happen to anyone in the world, especially this “the Anxiety“. In fact it happened to me, and although it is something we cannot avoid, we can control it. So let’s see how to calm the anxiety, of eating and eating and eating, and even if you’re full, you’re still eating. And that is exactly what we will try to avoid! The first thing is important not to confuse the symptoms of other diseases with anxiety.

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Remember: Everything is in The Force of Will and Motivation.

If there is no willpower, everything we do will be in VANO, and it will not help, and if there is no motivation, we will not feel like it and we simply will not do it. It’s that simple, that’s why it’s important to feel motivated and eager to want to do it? So here are some Simple but POWERFUL Tips that will help you Fight Anxiety in 1, 2, x 3

1. Eat More Vegetables:

It is proven that vegetables do not make you fat so from my point of view eating vegetables is good, besides that as I already mentioned it does not make you fat because it means that you can eat them as many times as you want in the day. It is very important to have a balanced diet, especially if you have diseases such as diabetes. Although as always it is advisable to eat these vegetables on a plate accompanied in their schedules such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. This in addition to filling us will take away our appetite.

2. Keep Your “Mind” Busy:

If our mind is not busy with something, the brain quickly reacts to wanting something … in your case, eating, so always but always, try to have your free time some activity like Running, Exercising etc … with this we make our mind distracted and not think of bad things for our body.

3. Drink Lots of Water:

Drinking water is good as you have an idea. 

“And the most advisable thing is to drink 2 liters of water a day, with this we make our body feel quite full and do not want more food”. 

Another of the tips we give, is that after eating your food you drink a glass of water thus replacing the 2 liters of water a day, if you do not like water very much.

4. Motivate:

This is very, very IMPORTANT, and it is the most important of all, sometimes stopping eating and eating seems like an obsession and not anxiety, so only with MOTIVATION, we succeed. Now for many it seems impossible to achieve, but the reality is that it is extremely simple. They just have to imagine or think, how they want to be, what they crave, how they dream of being. And above all not to think that we are going to have anxiety attacks and that is why we are going to eat NO! You should always be POSITIVE.