Survive the End Days Book- It’s Survive the End Days Really Works?

Survive the End Days Book- It’s Survive the End Days Really Works? Survive the End Days System Review Tells that the  Survive the End Days PDF free Download Really Works?

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How Does Work Survive The End Days Review?

Nathan Shephard says that he has pursued a career in Archeology and Theology, and his years of extensive study has given him an insight to understanding the prophecies made in the Bible, and he has created a theory about future prophecies made in the Bible that he feels it is important to warn people about.

This theory is that the United States is the nation referred to in the Bible as “Mystery Babylon” or “Babylon” and that current President Barack Obama is the man referred to as “King of the South,” while Russian President Vladimir Putin is the man referred to as “King of the North.”

Taking all of these assertions into consideration, it follows that the prophecies regarding the next world war, or World War III, indicate that Russia will attack the United States before the end of Barack Obama’s Presidency, which Nathan Shepard cites as January 1, 2017, and that this attack will be made with “a very special weapon.”

Because the Bible describes this weapon as leaving “Babylon silent and in darkness” and their military helpless. Shephard theorizes that this weapon is an EMP bomb, an electromagnetic pulse bomb, which has the ability to kill all sensitive electronic circuits within minutes or even seconds.

And once all electricity and technology has been wiped out, modern day Americans will find it almost impossible to function in their daily lives. Which is where the Survive the End Days guide comes in – Nathan Shephard says he lived with the Amish for more than two years, and knows exactly how to teach you to live without relying on modern day conveniences.

Survival is a language that we all understand, whether Christian, Muslim, atheist, Taoist or even Buddhist. The main concept of Survive the End Days is self-preservation and you may note that it is the non-believers who worry the most about self-preservation, since they have nothing to look forward to after this life. Thus, whether you believe in the Second Coming or not, you will find that you can understand and appreciate the language of this book. The need to survive is something that most, if not all humans have in common.

Another enticing aspect of Survive the End Days book is the Biblical explanations that Nathan Shepard extends to the reader. Most people know the basics of the Bible and thus most of the stories will sound familiar to you. However, the way he explains these stories and draws their connection to the recent events is rather riveting. If anything, this book will serve as an entertaining Biblical story with present day references. If you believe in God, then you will be afraid for your life as well. It all depends on your religious configuration and your perception on matters of the Bible.


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