4 Major Changes that Occurs When You Follow Vegetarian Diet!




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he change to a vegetarian diet entails a series of changes. However, not all are bad. When you adopt a vegetarian diet, certain positive changes in the body may occur. However, the truth is that many ignore it and tend to think exclusively of vegetarianism as a synonym for iron deficiency. It should be noted that there are more obvious changes than others. However, after 6 months, several improvements can be noted, ranging from the loss of excess fat in the abdominal area to a more stable blood pressure. Going from an omnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet is not the end of the world.

And although they have popularized more their health consequences, the truth is that this type of food has many more benefits than it seems. Above all, if a consistent and healthy lifestyle is maintained.

The Step Towards a Vegetarian Diet

If you are not a person very fond of meat or fish, and do not consume these products too often, moving to a vegetarian diet will not be a great challenge for you. Otherwise, a good option will be to reduce, little by little, the intake of meat and fish. For example, you can start by reducing red meat and, instead, consume only fish and lean meat. After this, you will start to prefer blue and white fish. Finally, the fish will be abandoned and a vegetarian diet will be started, properly.

At the international level, in 2003 a campaign called Meatless Monday (In Spanish: Monday without meat) was launched. It tries to help people moderate their consumption of meat or, reduce it to improve their health. Countries like Belgium welcomed the initiative very well. In fact, during the month of May 2009, the city of Ghent became the first city with official vegetarian days.

Adoption of a Vegetarian Diet and Changes:

1. Changes in Weight

With a vegetarian diet, after a few months, you will most likely lose weight. In most cases, it is a few Weight that are not usually missed. Of course, it is necessary to bear in mind that, contrary to what many people think, a vegetarian diet does not have to be healthier or lower in calories than an omnivorous diet. This is because fried foods or sweets can be consumed equally. Therefore, there are people who lose weight. However, there are others that gain weight, since they tend to consume more food. They usually do it to compensate for the ‘anxiety’ that the change in diet causes them. It is best to have a blood test after a few months.

“It is also important to inform ourselves well about the best ways to meet new nutritional needs”.

In this sense, the regular consumption of fruits, vegetables, and vegetables, without doubt, will provide many benefits in the short, medium and long term. And it will also help keep any signs of anemia at bay. With a proper vegetarian diet, we can achieve vitamin B12 levels that are lost by leaving behind meat and fish. This nutrient can be found in tofu or cheese, for example.

2. Better Digestion

By increasing the consumption of fiber-rich foods (such as legumes, vegetables), gastrointestinal health will be improved. Thus, as a result, better digestion is performed. However, it must be taken into account that this will also depend on the care that is given to hydration.

3. Changes in Sports Performance

During the first months, it is most likely that no significant changes are noticed in the aerobic exercise routine. Also, the weight lifting should not change either. In principle, we can continue raising the same weights without problems and train with the same intensity. As long as good living habits are maintained, negative changes do not have to occur. After a few months, you will notice that the performance improves a lot, especially in cardio workouts, like the race. You will see how your times go down and your rhythms improve. Although this may also be due to the continuity of the exercise rather than the type of diet.

4. More Energy

When a vegetarian diet is adopted, more foods with vitamin B1 are consumed more regularly. These are, for example, soybeans, cereals or oats, among others. This substance helps you feel more energized every day as it participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Changes in Social Life?

Even if no one in your environment is vegetarian, your social life does not have to be affected. And while it is true that there are many people who will find it hard to understand your decision, the important thing is to arm yourself with patience and maintain a tolerant attitude. After having adopted a vegetarian diet, many people try to take the next step towards a vegan diet.

In these cases, it is essential to be well informed about the type of nutritional needs and, of course, to maintain good habits.


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