8 Holistic Benefits of Shaolin Qigong Exercise for Health!

Shaolin Qigong which is pronounced as chi kung known as traditional Chinese holistic practice. The Qigong was developed by Shaolin monks. This is also the reason why this technique is called shaolin qigong. Unlike kung fu, we can say that in qigong we are required to involve cosmic energy and mental focus rather than physical movement. Qigong is more likely to be a healing practice than a martial art. It is also said that the development of the cosmic energy resulting from qigong is capable of giving mental benefits to practitioners, just like the Psychological Benefits of Kung Fu that involves qigong in it.

The benefits of shaolin qigong are not only pursued by Asians. Start calling mass attention in Western countries. So what are the benefits of Shaolin Qigong? Check this and you can start considering joining the training.

Brief History of the Qigong:

As mentioned earlier, this practice originated in China as a type of traditional exercise to maintain healthy well-being. It was developed since the first Buddhist patriarch Bodhidharma arrived from India to spread Buddhism in China around 500 AD He has already taught how to meditate as an important process to train the mind and balance the flow of energy within the body. Well, it is because we can say that this is the technique to manage our flow of energy qi. Having a good flow of energy that will allow people’s minds to perceive subtle levels so that they can do their meditation better. For Buddhists, meditation can be one of the means to perform their religious ritual. Later, there are many meditation techniques that are based on the practice of qigong. And everything is effective. But today, most people make Qigong on a health issue. People are trained to maintain their Qi energy and meditate to obtain the mental and physical benefits of this ancient Chinese method of fitness. In addition, the recent finding also delves into how shaolin qigong can improve intellectual performance.

8 Benefits of Shaolin Qigong that will Surprise You:

There are many benefits of shaolin qigong for either physical and mental health. Here are some of the benefits you should know. Read and consider if you need this ancient Chinese meditation technique for your own benefit.

1. Improve the Functioning of Internal Organs:

It is said that the practice of Qigong is beneficial for internal organs. It is because by practicing Qigong, people are able to keep their energy inside the body and distribute it very well for the functioning of internal organs. Qigong practice can even point to the specific internal organ to focus.

2. Help Muscle Health:

People who are not used to exercise can have a rigid and rigid body. In this case, the practice of Qigong helps you open the muscle of your movement. The movements generate a better flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. In this way, the Qigong allows to strengthen the muscles. It also cures pain due to muscle stiffness.

3. Improve Joint Health:

Not only the muscles, the Qigong also deals with joint health. The Qigong movement sequence allows our joints to have a better movement. The best circulation within the body allows our joint to have a better fluid due to its flexibility and relieves pain due to inflammation of the joint. Or, you can also receive herbal treatment for joint pain, such as the Benefits of Green Tea for Joint Pain.

4. Help Heal Injuries:

The relaxing benefits of shaolin qigong are indisputable. It not only relaxes our body and our mind, but also our injuries. We can have a better recovery from injuries if we apply the practice of shaolin Qigong. It effectively relaxes our injury and allows a better flow of energy to heal it. In other words, we can say that the practice of Qigong can help our body not waste energy and focus it to heal the injury.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Health:

As mentioned before, Qigong exercise allows for better blood circulation. In this way, qigong also allows for better cardiovascular health.

“Cardiovascular health does not always deal with heart disease”.

It also influences some other simple symptoms such as cold feet and hands. This benefit can also be obtained from the Benefits of Chinese Foot Reflexology.

6. Maintain the Vitality:

Exercise is important to maintain vitality. However, the elderly and people with serious illness may have difficulty performing physical exercises. On the other hand, physical exercise like Qigong is very easy to do. It does not require too much force and depends on the breathing technique. In this way, the elderly and people with serious illnesses can practice it to maintain their vitality. The other physical exercise beneficial to vitality is Russian sage with its health benefits of Russian sage for well-being.

7. Relieves Stress:

No wonder Qigong can deal with mental problems such as stress. The relaxing property of Shaolin Qigong is able to effectively relieve stress. In addition, the other activity that is very beneficial for mental health is meditation, such as the Benefits of Zazen Meditation for Your Mental Health.

8. Improves Sleep Quality:

One of the problems related to our habit of sleeping is stress. In conditions of stress, it is difficult for us to sleep well. However, by managing your Qigong practice, you can have a better quality of sleep. It is because the relaxing property releases all mental burden and relieves stress; in addition, physical activity will also help us have a better sleep.

In Addition, the Other Benefits of Shaolin Qigong are:

  • Improve fitness
  • Longevity aid

Recommendation on How to Practice Qigong:

In the practice of Qigong, it is important to practice breathing first. We can achieve the relaxing effect of Qigong by applying adequate diaphragmatic breathing. When you have proper and regular breathing, it is time to focus your mind. It is also the key to effective meditation. How this activity involves both physical and mental. And about the duration, it is suggested that you start with a small group of daily practice. After that, you can start having a longer and more advanced practice to get the benefits of Qigong. Practicing Qigong is a matter of discipline and consistency. Therefore, it is better to have a routine practice of short duration than a non-regular practice of longer duration.