How to Lose Weight Easily, if you Suffer from Gastritis?



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apaya is a depurative fruit that can help us improve the symptoms of gastritis and eliminate toxins from the intestine and liver. One of the problems of those who suffer gastritis is that they can practically not eat anything. There are very few allowed foods that do not worsen the picture. If, in addition, they need to lose weight, it seems impossible to follow a diet that allows it given the limitation. In this article we will talk about some foods that will help you lose weight if you suffer from gastritis.

Gastritis and Diet, can they go Hand in Hand?

The gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. If you have gastritis, you will know that there are thousands of things that you cannot eat because they feel bad. Gastritis can be caused by stress. Stress, in turn, can be related to being overweight, so it is a vicious circle. If, in addition,

“Gastritis irritates you both physically and psychologically by not being able to enjoy certain foods, things get worse”.

Let’s add that being overweight can cause us stress… Some think that due to gastritis they will not be able to lose weight, but it is not true. There are foods that have the ability to help cure this problem and, at the same time, be part of a diet to lose weight.

What to Eat to Lose Weight when you have Gastritis?

Next, we tell you which the foods that have double benefit for you are. On the one hand, they do not cause major problems in gastritis and on the other, they help you lose weight.


There is no doubt that fruits should be part of any diet or food plan. Among them, some are more recommendable than others. For example, apple and papaya cannot be missing from your daily diet. While papaya has sugar, it is not true that it does not help you lose weight. Its sugars are simple or simple digestion and, in addition, it does not generate saturated fats. As if that were not enough, it is easy to assimilate and provides the body with many nutrients. It is not recommended to consume papaya and apple at the same time (or on the same day). Also, do not eat these fruits after other foods. If you want to eat them for dessert, wait at least one hour since you finished lunch or dinner. The key lies in ingesting them alone and spaced from the other meals. Papaya is a purifying, deflamatory fruit, full of vitamins (especially beta-carotene) that helps improve the symptoms of gastritis and eliminate toxins from the intestine and liver. You can eat it at breakfast along with a spoonful of oats or flax seeds. In this case, the combination is beneficial.

At night, eat an apple without skin and, if possible, boiled (drink also water). This remedy for gastritis will come to you from wonders so as not to have pains at night. You can add two prunes and the juice of a lemon. May that be your dinner?


Herbal teas are perfect for your stomach when you have gastritis. In addition, they help you lose weight, remove hunger and anxiety, etc. The infusions, for example, boldo, serve to the liver to process fats better and purify toxins. Take a cup at breakfast, before eating any solid food. Do not forget to add the juice of half a lemon. Contrary to what you think, this fruit is not bad for your condition, as it loses its acidity when it comes into contact with herbs and then enters your body. As it travels through the body, it repairs tissues, eliminates toxins and helps combat gastritis by lowering the stomach.


The soups of vegetables are an excellent food to help you lose weight and at the same time, treat gastritis. Potato, onion, cabbage, cactus and chayote are perfectly recommended. Fill your stomach without causing pain or discomfort, leave you sated for longer and prevent you from eating more. Add to your soups a sprig of finely chopped parsley, and the rest of finely chopped ingredients.

Other Foods

You can make a juice with chlorophyll and water, for example, and drink every day on an empty stomach. Where do you get this item? Of aloe Vera! It is the most common way to ingest chlorophyll. Open an aloe Vera stem and extract the gel from inside. Then, reduce with water and drink, as much as possible, fasting. You can also prepare smoothies with papaya or apple if you do not like the taste.

What Cannot be Eaten by having Gastritis and Wanting to Lose Weight?

So that your stomach does not hurt or you have problems to lose weight, it would be good to leave aside all the foods that cause irritation. These are foods such as red meat, cow’s milk, refined (sugars and flours), spicy, fried and fat. These foods contribute to the sobrepreso, to that you cannot get rid of the toxins, since you suffer much more because of the gastritis.


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