What is Low-Calorie Diet and How does it Helps in Weight Loss?



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f you are thinking about losing weight or leading a healthy life you should know how to do it in the best way. For this you must inform yourself about the hypocaloric diets. The hypocaloric diets are those based on daily caloric restriction. This type of food acquires prominence in the summer months with the beginning of the so-called “bikini operation”. It is very important that hypocaloric diets are indicated by professionals and in a controlled manner.

“Likewise, they have to be suggested to people with overweight or obesity, and they have to be balanced”.

Carrying a hypocaloric diet in an uncontrolled way can cause serious disorders in the metabolism, especially if the calorie consumption falls below 1000 kilo calories daily.

What are Hypocaloric Diets?

In most cases, the decrease in weight is due to the loss of fluids, and not fat. Therefore, the result in terms of volume or weight reduction is apparently satisfactory, but not very long because it does not affect adipose tissue, which is what really causes obesity. In general, the consumption of complex carbohydrates, the moderate restriction of fatty foods and the realization of regular physical exercise are the real proper measures to obtain a weight loss without risks.

The Failure of Hypocaloric Diets

The hypocaloric diets are inefficient in the long term because the more the caloric contributions are reduced, the greater energy efficiency the organism needs. That is to say, the fewer calories are given to the body, the less calories it consumes. Therefore, when you eat again normally, the body receives an excess of energy stored in reserve fat. Then, the weight gain can be even higher than that lost during the diet. This is the so-called “rebound effect”, which is added to the so-called “accordion” effect of hypocaloric diets. This second effect leads to a progressive resistance to weight loss. Along with the loss of results of the rebound effect, it makes it increasingly complicated to lose weight.

One of the dangers of low – calorie diets is that they can generate essential micro nutrient deficiencies, such as minerals, vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids. This can lead to chronic fatigue, and a higher vulnerability to diseases, as the body’s defense mechanisms decrease. In addition, when the protein intakes are not enough, the muscle mass tends to decrease. When you gain weight, fat is stored instead of muscle.

How to Eat a Healthy Hypocaloric Diet

Despite its contraindications, following some advice you can adapt this type of diet to a healthy and balanced diet:

  • To combat obesity with hypocaloric diets should be avoided taking food outside of established meals.
  • It is advisable not to vary the diet drastically. Especially since all the weight that is lost in this way recovers quickly.
  • It is advisable to avoid those foods with high energy density, such as high-fat snacks. Or alcohol.
  • It is recommended to take foods rich in fiber, as they give a greater feeling of fullness and help maintain a correct intestinal rhythm.
  • It will be essential to supplement the advice of hypocaloric diets with a daily physical activity, which will facilitate obtaining an optimal caloric balance. The exercise must be carried out in a progressive manner and in a manner appropriate to the particular conditions.


The key to a diet that is hypocaloric is that it provides us with fewer calories than we need throughout the day. Of course, our diet must have a good distribution of macro nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, it is recommended to substitute higher-fat foods for larger amounts of fruits and vegetables. This will help us follow the basics of hypocaloric diets but in a healthy and controlled manner.


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